Keihanna Commemorative Park features a variety of outdoor artworks. Visitors can enjoy these outdoor artworks while walking in the park.

1. Sora ni Kakeru Kaidan ’ 94-XXV (Stairs to the Sky ’ 94-XXV)

This work expresses the image that various research studied in Keihanna Science City will progress and spread worldwide, and various interaction exchanged in Keihanna Commemorative Park will also flourish and expand.

Minoru Togashi, Japan

2. Yu-Kou (Playful Rainbow)

This artwork expresses the image that the civilization and culture rise up from the ground to the sky, using black patterns representing the letters used in the Mayan pyramids. This artwork was exhibited at the 30th Kyoto Open-air Sculpture Exhibition in 1998.

Jin Tsukamoto, Japan

3. Nagareboshi ni (On a shooting star)

This work expresses the image of a woman wishing on a shooting star. Its expression and posing show the feeling of embracing everything, such as the mother’s love for her children, love for all mankind and love for the earth. This artwork was exhibited at the 28th Kyoto Open-air Sculpture Exhibition.

Masato Nukumizu, Japan

4. Hat Rock and Umbrella Tree

This artwork expresses the concept of the “pair” and the “dialogue”. It creates a heartwarming atmosphere showing the image that the hat-like rock and the umbrella-like tree are talking to each other. This artwork was exhibited at the 11th National Urban Green Fair in Kyoto in 1994.

Tetsuzo Yamamoto, Japan

5. Arashi (The Storm)

The artist saw a woman walking on a street corner in a stormy weather. This artwork expresses the impressive scene in a sculptural form.

Hisashi Ujigawa, Japan

6. Kaze no Mon -Sora- (The Gate)

This artwork is displayed on the boundary between Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) and Mebuki-no-Mori (Budding Tree Forest, natural forest) in the direction facing the other sculpture in the same series displayed in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. These two sculptures express the distance between the sky and the water in a magnificent scale.

Rikizou Kawakami, Japan

7. The Copernicus’s Observation Bird

This artwork expresses the abstract image of Copernicus, who observed the moon and advocated the heliocentric theory, who is looking up at the moon with a crow (which is a symbol of wisdom).

Federico Bonaldi, Italy

8. The Galileo’s Descendants

The spirit of scientific inquiry of Galileo, who observed the moon with a telescope and drew the lunar map, is succeeded to the modern people and brought them the success of moon landing. The modern people’s spirit of scientific inquiry opens the way for the 21st century. Eight abstract sculptures are displayed showing various expressions of the modern people.

Federico Bonaldi, Italy