To visitors using wheelchairs or for those with special needs

Wheelchair accessible routes in the park

The dotted lines in the map show the wheelchair accessible routes.

Special needs parking areas

There are two special needs parking areas, they are located in the main parking lot on the west side and near the Park Administration Office on the Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) side of the park.
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Wheelchair Rentals

Three wheelchairs are available on a first-come-first-served basis at the entrance of Suikei-en (Japanese Garden). For inquiries, please contact the Park Administration Office.

Restrooms for those with special needs

There are five restrooms for those with special needs, located near the main parking area, the Lawn Area, the Taniai (Valley), in the Visitor Center (BF), and in the Kangetsuro Hall (1F).maps_accessibility-map-en