The Keihanna Commemorative Park

was build as a park to commemorate the establishment of the Keihanna Science City (Kansai Science City), the formal name is the Kyoto Prefectural Kansai Culture and Science City Commemorative Park. The theme of the park is nostalgic countryside scenery. Visitors can enjoy various areas such as the Suikei-en (Japanese garden), Mebuki-no-Mori (Budding Tree Forest) based on the countryside mountain forest, and the open area motif is after a rice paddy terrace. There are various fun and interesting seasonal events throughout the year.

Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) and Kangetsuro Hall
Mebuki-no-Mori (Budding Tree Forest)
Hiroba (Open Space) and Taniai (Valley)
Visitor Center
Tsuki-no-Niwa Gallery
Saganaka Momen Traditional Museum
Park Map
Accessibility Map
Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) Leaflet