1. Smoking

  • Free Area (Lawn Area, Taniai (Valley) etc) are separated into smoking areas and non-smoking areas.
    *Smoking is permitted only where the ashtray is equipped.
  • Smoking in Pay Area (Suikei-en (Japanese Garden)) is prohibited.

2. Walking dogs

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times in the park.
    *Unleashed dogs are prohibited by law under article 6, “item 30 of the Kyoto Prefectural Ordinance on Welfare and Management of Animals in Showa 46th.”
  • Owners are responsible for the removal of dog litter.
  • When using a long leash, please be considerate of people around you.
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed in Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) and Visitor Center.

3. Using fire

  • Fireworks are prohibited in the park. Small fires caused by fireworks have been reported in the past and can be very dangerous. Please respect the park guidelines.
  • Other activities that use fire such as barbecue or bonfires are also prohibited except when a permission is obtained from the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture.

4. Riding Bicycles and Motor Bikes on Park Property

  • Please do not ride your bicycle or motor bike (including scooters) on park property, because it can cause accidents. Please use park them at the bicycle parking areas or hand push them through the park.

5. Occupying park space

  • Occupying and exclusive use of space in the park by specific persons or groups is allowed only when a permission is obtained from the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture.

6. Parking

  • Please park at the designated parking areas of the park. Do not park at neighboring commercial facilities.

7. Drinking alcohol

  • Drinking alcohol is not allowed in Suikei-en (Japanese Garden).

8. Using picnic blankets

  • Using picnic blankets or sheets are not allowed in Suikei-en (Japanese Garden).

9. Taking or Plucking Flowers and Plants

  • The plants and flowers are for everyone to enjoy, so please do not take them home or brake branches.
  • You may take home twigs, flower pedals, and nuts (not including fruits) that are already on the ground.

10. Use of Radio-controlled Air-crafts

  • Flying any air-crafts (including drones) that use an engine motor are not allowed on park property.