9 – 12
13 – 17
Night time
17 – 20
9 – 17
plus night time
9 – 20
Meeting Room
in Visitor Center
(Free Area)
1,800 Yen 2,500 Yen 625 Yen/hr 3,900 Yen 3,900 Yen
+ night time fee
Meeting Room
in Kangetsuro Hall
(Pay Area)
1,800 Yen 2,500 Yen 3,900 Yen
  • Reservations are accepted from 3 months before the date of use.
  • Submit the application for facility use approval. Prior notice is required for eating or drinking in the room. Drinking alcohol is prohibited.
  • Cancel charge will apply to cancellations made within one month before the date of use.
  • To cancel or change the reservation, please contact the administration office.
  • The application may not be accepted when the purpose of use of the meeting room does not comply with that of the park.
  • When using the meeting room in Kangetsuro Hall, admission for Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) is required.