This slide show introduces the various sights of Keihanna Commemorative Park.


Overview and Themes

Keihanna Commemorative Park was created to commemorate the construction of Keihanna Science City and opened to the public in April 1995 as a Kyoto Prefectural park.

Seasonal Photos

Keihanna Commemorative Park seasonal photos.

Suikei-en (Japanese Garden) and Kangetsuro Hall

Suikei-en is a Japanese garden created as the cultural hub in Keihanna Science City.

Mebuki-no-Mori (Budding Tree Forest)

Mebuki-no-Mori is a forest in Satoyama landscape surrounding Nagatani Pond. Walking through the forest, visitors can enjoy nature in all four seasons.

Hiroba (Open Space) and Taniai (Valley)

Hiroba is a large open space in the shape of rice terrace. Taniai (Valley) is an area representing the atmosphere of Satoyama.

Visitor Center

Visitor Center provides information about the park and the local areas. Various leaflets and information about plants and animals in the park are available.

Tsuki-no-Niwa Gallery

The "Tsuki-no-Niwa Gallery" is one of the cultural foundations at the Keihanna Commemorative Park. Located in the Suikei-en on the 1st floor of the Kangetsuro Hall.

Saganaka Momen Traditional Museum

Saganaka Momen is the traditional textile from Saganaka, Kizugawa City. The museum features the history, climate and culture of Saganaka cotton.